which gtx570?

Hi Guys,

can anyone help me in understand why there are so many gtx 570 cards and art they all nvidia?

I’m thinking to buy the MSI GeForce N570GTX TF III PE because should be quite. But is it nvidia? I’m so confused ;-((

which is the best 570 for Blender

Thannnnnkssssss a mill

The different versions come bundled with different software usually and can be clocked a bit differently. They also might have differing fans and other details like that.
They’re all Nvidia products they’re just different manufacturers. Usually they’re all built somewhere in Asia though because it’s cheap.

I would think any 570 would be good for blender but you could always read up on complaints about fan noise etc. if you wish. My friend got a 560ti from MSI and it makes really annoying fan noises.

All GTX 570 are nvidia GPUs.

The GTX570 has a GF110 GPU on the card.
Usually Nvidia produces one batch of cards in the “reference design” with their PCB and their cooling solution.
Card manufacturers like ASUS, MSI, Zotac, EVGA, Gainward buy the GPUs from Nvidia and develop their own PCB and usually cooling solutions.

The MSI TwinFrozr and ASUS DirectCU cards are supposedly the ones with the best air cooling. Those are Nvidia GF110 GPUs on a custom designed PCB to usually allow more power supply and thus overclocking, to make room for more memory and not to collide with electronic parts using their custom cooling.

The TwinFrozr is a Vapor Chamber cooling system and very good, the DirectCU is a system where the copper heatpipes directly touch the GPU and transport heat better. Both good solutions, both good manufacturers.

You should not buy a cheap card with cheap capacitators, a good tip is to watch for solid capacitators, and to check if they have the so called “japanese capacitators”, opposed to the “chinese capacitators”. If you heavily use your card and render it’ll just be more relieable than one with cheapass capacitators and it’s unlikely it’ll break during it’s cycle of use.

If you intend to use the card for Cycles/Octane/Bunkshot/FryRender/Arion… you might want to check for a GTX570 with 2.5 GB VRAM, as 1.25 GB can be a bit short for rendering complex scenes with lots of HQ textures and a lot of geometry data.
2.5 GB cards are only available from EVGA and Powercolor (330-370 Euro)

But I’d rather take a Zotac GF580 3GB in that case for 360 Euro and in case it’s too loud for you get an aftermarket cooler for 35-50 Euro.


I bought a 460 manufactured by Sparkle and it is already giving me problems so avoid that brand. On occasion my entire screen will turn this weird pink color and I lose everything. If I turn the computer off then back on it does recover, but I am wondering how much longer it will last. Cheap capacitors have been the bane of many products. Some are actually made with fish oil whose capacitance changes as the product ages or is exposed to heat.