Which idea would be easier?

As you may know, I want to do this game where you can replay it over and over and the story won’t be the same. Last night, however, I got an idea for ANOTHER game. I don’t know which one’s better!

Infinite Game Project (working title):
A game where just about anything that I include is possible. And hopefully, there’d be a lot of things to do. For example, one time you can play on a space station, and the next you’ll be Earth-bound in a system of caverns. The game’s story changes every time, usually based on randomly chosen story elements. (Though the endings might be based on how you do with the boss, as being killed will open an ending where you’re dead, but killing him will open an ending where you’re alive.)

Run Lola Run: The Game:
In 20 minutes, you have to come up with 100,000 marks for your boyfriend. The game is similar to the movie “Run Lola Run” (AKA “Lola Rennt”) in many ways, but you can do a lot more than just the three situations presented in the movie. (Watch the movie to figure it out.) The game is open-ended and you can do anything to get 100,000 marks… or you can let Manni (your boyfriend) rob a grocery store like in the movie.

I don’t know which to do… suggestions?

id like to see a lola rennt game, with multiple endings, yeah thta would be cool… id go for that one…

Run Lolo Run! Do that one, You could sell it when you finish it.

why sell it… u cant sell a game if u start from the ground up… grr… don’t think it’s that easy man… heesh.

Okay, then, I’ll see if I can do a “Run Lola Run” style video game that shamelessly takes off from the movie.

Some queries:

  1. What would be a good perspective?
  2. I don’t know what city the movie takes place in, and I don’t really want to use it (the director said on the commentary that it would have been impossible for Lola to run to each place in less than 20 minutes), but if anybody could help me with a map of the city, I’d be grateful. Or, in a more query-like question: Should I make the city from scratch or base it somewhat on reality? (BTW: I’m not very good at city design; I basically do things randomly, but I’d probably try to avoid that with the game.)
  3. Should there be a free-play mode with no 20-minute restriction or story, or should it stay faithful and try to only let players play for 20 minutes?
  4. Would it be legal for me to make it at all without the director’s permission, or anybody’s other than anonymous guys on the Internet?
  5. Should I keep Lola into running (like in the movie), and if so, should there be an energy meter (hidden) so that when she stops, she’ll breathe heavily depending on how much she runs? (In fact, aside from the obvious reason of “more action,” why does she always run and never drive or bike or anything? Not that I’m complaining, but it’s a little weird)
  6. Should there be a scream button so that she can break glass and possibly get something in return?
  7. It may be very hard to get some things in the movie to the game (i.e. the snapshots of people’s fates, some stylish editing, the staircase situations, the flashbacks). Should I not bother or should I try it?
  8. In fact, should I get some of the people from the movie to come in at certain points? (i.e. the guy on the bike, the lady with the baby, the woman at the bank, the security guard, etc.)
  9. Should I recreate the opening (or some of it) for those who didn’t see the movie?
  10. Should I make some characters/situations that aren’t that important appear in the game (i.e. the guy in the ambulance, the plate glass, the clock, etc.)?

This may be a very hard game to make, but if it works, it may be worth it.

try making a simple game that is decent before you try to make huge games like that.


I decided that, since “RLR” would have too many complications, i’ll do the other project. Sorry, guys.