Which is a better Platform For Blender

I have to get a new computer system. Old one was stolen and I want to know which is the best platform for Blender going forward. Apple, windows, or Linux. I have to buy a new computer so I need some help. I traditionally have used Linux and Windows. The new Apples look like they have the muscle to do what I want. Dual monitor and fast graphics processing. A windows desktop would be able to have multiple graphic cards for GPU processing. Linux again has the same Pros as windows.
Thanks to all for your help.

Just my opinion, I don’t think that platform is a major issue. I use windows, and have been pretty much from the get-go.

Just some life experience, it is not the platform or equipment that make the renders great, it has more to do with the drive and determination of the user.

But if it does help with your workflow, then by all means use Linux - it is more appreciative of those of us with a bit more anti-capitalist mentality.

In macOS blender have some problems with graphic cards, I think that is the platform with less users and less tester.

Anyway, the real handicap is the rest of apps that you uses. Substance has versions for all platforms, also maya, but it’s no normal. Or in other cases like unreal the macOS version is a shit.

In my opinion …

1.- Linux - I feel faster than other OS (3dview, render, simulations)
2.- Windows - A bit slow than Linux.
3.- MacOS - This is the worst of all, very bad performance on 3dview, sculping is like an odyssey.

This is a highly oppionated topic. Some things to consider:


  • Stability and integrity with apple aesthetics
  • Sky high prices(depending on your location)
  • Known driver issues and the dependency on Apple’s developers


  • Driver availability
  • 3rd party software availability (Need Adobe?)
  • Dependency on Microsoft’s Developers


  • Linux rocks! (Because of so many choices)
  • No dependency on “in-someones-house” developers.
  • Somewhat faster rendering in Cycles
  • Linux sucks! (Because of too many choices)
  • Total dependency on either a good soul in the community or yourself. (Also none to blame)

Choose your weapon!
Hint: Linux has a cute mascot.

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