Which is best for storage: raw avi's or image sequences

I always render to frames but when it comes to storing those I don’t feel like keeping around those 100.000 frames.
Do I lose any real quality in a raw avi? Is it worth the trouble? Does it have any advantages?

Thanks in advance

If you are using AVIs and you are on Windows you may want to consider using the Lagarith or HUFF codecs for archiving. This way you get at least 20-30% lossless compression. 100,000 of any files has a big impact on my systems when I am browsing. You may have experienced the Homer DOH as you browse to a folder and the OS just sits there for a while trying to thumbnail the beast.

Recently I have been using JPEG2000 with a 90-100% compression ratio for my final renders as the codec for my container and I have been happy with the results.

I guess image sequences are probably the best solution for archiving to static media. If your DVD has a bad sector years down the road you might be able to fetch some of the sequence. If you place them all in a single file and any one sector goes bad, the entire sequence may be unrecoverable.

Would you recommend Digital Storage over a DVD, like say a 10$ thumb drive?