Which is better Blender or Maya?

Personally I prefer Blender, but Ive been put to the task of using Maya and Blender for teaching a class. What my boss wants me to do is to find out which is better. Honestly, Ive never used Maya and I find it easy to do stuff in blender first and put it to the test in Maya. :smiley:

i would say blender.

yeah, i would too, blender seems to flow easily and maya is kinda…ugly? nah just weird to me.

i’ve never used maya. so blender is my default.

you’ll find a lot responses to this in the many duplicate threads about the same thing. in fact theres one right now in the first page of the blender news forum. It is a few pages of responses…

Blender is Free. Maya is not.

There are endless possibilities with either.

So I choose Blender.

We have had endless numbers of this exact discussion, including one going on RIGHT now here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=209002

For that reason I’m closing this one.