Which is the best Collada Import/Export plugin for Blender 2.49b?

I’m looking for a Collada 1.4.1 Import/Export plugin for Blender 2.49b. (I tried with 2.56 beta which works fine with the dae files, but i want to avoid updating to not confuse users with the new interface, if possible).

The ones i tried so far are:

But both seem to have issues. The teraapi importer imports my camera and light as mesh. The mixamo keeps crashing blender when i start importing a file.

Do you have any more suggestion which plugins to use for Collada 1.4.1 fro Blender 2.49b?

I don’t think Collada is going to be developed for 2.49 anymore.

One thing/trick you can do is to import the Collada file using the more robust 2.5 importer into Blender 2.5.
Then save that file and remember the name of the object/mesh you want.
Open up 2.49 and choose File/Append Link.
In the 2.49 dialog browse to the 2.5 blender file.
You can still import objects such as simple meshes from 2.5 into 2.49.
It is only objects with new 2.5 features that present a problem for 2.49b.

So you can use the 2.5 importer and still bring that mesh into 2.49b.