Which is the Best Value CPU for Blender?

I am interested in buying a new computer to use with Blender (I’ll buy the individual parts and compile it myself).

I was thinking that the AMD x6 1090T would be the best value CPU to go for as it is 6 core, 3.2 Ghz, at only AUD $300. Does anyone have any suggestions?

In the pricerange around 200 Euro (275 AUD) thats what the 1090T costs here, I´d recommend a Core i7 2500k.
In brute rendering the AMDx6 in Cinebench rates 5,72, while the i7 is slighly slower with 5,26.
However, in the overall Performance, Truecrypt, x264 decoding/encoding and gaming, the i7 is almost 20% faster.

As often said, the AMDx6 is “crap” it´s a bargain CPU and no hexacore, it´s 3 dualcores patched together in one CPU.
If you can afford the additional cost for the mainboard for an i7 go with it, else the x1090T is the best choise ATM.
And stay away from SandyBridge mainboards until ~April, then the prices will drop and no more boards with the SATA bug will be available :wink:

The ci7-930 is the direct competitor to the AMD 1090T, they have the same overall performance (hence the ci7 is a quadcore) however the ci7 scores 4.79 points in cinebench.