Which is the best way to make models on blender?Sculpting mode or Edit mode?

Hi guys
im totaly new to blender
i watched a couple of tutorials about modeling
i saw the way with the edit mode, but i’ve tried the sculpt mode and i found it much easier and faster so i come to this questions
Which is the best way to make models on blender?Sculpting mode or Edit mode?
i want to make human (or humanlike models)
so what would you use? and why of course :stuck_out_tongue:
which way would have the model be more realistic?
also i would want the model to be moving, so using one way or another would stop me to make a model animated??
thanks guys

It really depends. Are you making large, flat rolling planes of grass? Sculpt.

Are you making metallic, boxy architecture? Edit mode.

Are you making a high poly gargoyle? Both. (edit mode for shape, sculpt to add details)

One thing to keep in mind since you mention animation is that sculpt mode can produce odd poly flow that won’t deform well. So editing is needed post process to smooth things out.

Edit mode with poly extrude and subdivision modeling. I am one of those modelers who probably won’t go to sculpting until I absolutely have to. One reason, is that I don’t want to have to remodel something after I get it sculpted.

It’s best to familiarize yourself with edit mode modelling, primarily. you should not become overly reliant on sculpt.

If the sculpting works nice for you, perhaps you can consider a sculpt->retopo work flow.

First you sculpt the basic shape and all the details (maybe start with a very basic shape made in edit mode), and then you retopo in edit mode.

The advantage of this work flow is you focus on 1 thing at a time. Sculpting for shape and volume, and retopo for topology.

Sculpting can work if you want to add interesting details to your model after you’ve modeled it in edit mode.

In the newbie guides I’ve been reading I haven’t even seen a reference to sculpting mode yet. Is that because it’s generally disfavored or is it considered an advanced mode?