which is the current version?

I have been using 2.5 for a while now, and then when I go to the website, I see that 2.46 is the current version. What’s up with that?

Nevermind this question. I must be dislexic or something, I never saw the 4 before the 5. I feel stupid.

The newest version available is 2.46. 2.47 should be released shortly. It is a bug fix release with a couple of new features.

2.50 will probably be released some time next year. Current development version of 2.50 shows only a couple of blank windows so there is not much to use. Are you sure you are not using 2.45 instead?

Damn! So thats where my miniture wormhole went, the future calls I need it back

You can already download (or build) Blender 2.5 yourself. I have some old builds on graphicall.org. Point is that you can’t do really anything useful with those builds. Check http://www.youtube.com/nletwory (my youtube channel) for some WIP videos of it, to see what you already can do.