Which is the fastest and better way of texturing a sculpt?

Is there something better than Vpaint? Do you need absolutely clean topology or can pass by having a sculpt at medium res?

I ask because sometimes I need to preview some colors on the sculpt but the result by Vert colors is a bit grainy.

Cheers. Thanks.

You can use box mapping projection for textures, but you can unwrap a medium-res mesh as well, provided that you set up correct edge seams, I often do it.

For easy selecting the the seams you can make use of Shortest Path Selection in Edge mode (Ctrl + click-select) or, in Face or Vertex mode you can select a large portion of the mesh and then ‘Select Boundary Loop’ from the Select menu.


Thanks sourvinos. The thing is that Most of the time I dont want to unwrap and make a lowpoly mesh just to paint a bit. Vertex colors are a bit hard for me I prefer texture paint by UV if you ask me.

I think maybe the best is to make a low poly version using shrinkwrap just to get away. Thanks.