Which is your favorite Back Up application?


I recently swapped from Apple to Windows and I was wondering which tool for back up I should use. In OSx I used Time Machine, which solved everything. Now I use an SSD as main disc and I have and HDD as a secondary disc. I would like to use the HDD to store backups just in case the SSD fails.

Does anyone have any advice to choose a Windows alternative, having into account that I am a 3d generalist?? I mainly work with Blender, Photoshop and Lightroom.


I use syncback free

There is no greater backup on windows like Apple Time Machine that works as good. The option I use (both Windows and Mac). is Time Backup on Synology Diskstation, a NAS. That and Synology Cloud Station allows internal backups without delays on both OS’s

Well, if you dig for it (and if Microsoft still supplies it … :o) Microsoft’s Microsoft Backup application was actually very serviceable, albeit in a stodgy, uninspired, I.T. Corporate sort of way. If it still exists, in any version of Windows, it’s still probably what I would use.

Thanks for the replies! I will take a look at them. I know there is a Windows 10 built in back-up config, maybe I will try it too.

For this solution you will need to make sure that your windows install has seen your backup drive and has installed drivers for it (Not an absolute needed thing, but it helps reduce issues) But I use nortons ghost and clone my drives as needed. This is a good over the night thing to do about once every few weeks. It is a heavy handed solution but it shines enabling me to be able to swap the drive out and just get on my way.


I use it mounted to a live disk.