Which keys aren't used?

Hey guys!

Does anyone know which keys aren’t used as hotkeys? Or some combinations who aren’t used? I want to add some keys but I got sometimes weird result because they are allready in use.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t have that far of knowledge on the entire keyboard but you can see all the shortcuts and adjust them to your liking in
CTRL + ALT + U > Input

Since ctrl+Q is used to quit blender, its quite common to remove it and use Q or combinations of it like alt+Q, shft+Q or with Q as cmd like QW, QE, Q2, QS and so on. That will not affect standard setup and allow you to remap or add some extra keys. We have so many hotkeys right now that it is hard to find some extra space.

I concur and I use the Q key.
off topic I do not like ctrl p. I disabled o ( for whatever it was used) and use op to parent. my fingers are not that long and with a pin the pop up will go away if i use 2 hands.

Did you google for a blender key chart?

wow never seen that chart before (never thought to look for it lol)
I’ve “pinched” the odd shortcut off a part of blender I prob will never use, BGE lol)
and I have all the fav ones I use a lot mapped to a multi button mouse :wink: , (that WAS worth the pennies)

Blender has the best mix of shortcuts an menus!!! stuff you use a lot you soon remember