Which laptop to blender will work?

I used blender for basic things on lenovo CORE i3. It was hard when i started do a little complicated things. I try with asus, core i7 and it still whip. Which laptop buy? Also i want to buy a tablet. Is blender work on every graphic tablet? It depend only on laptop? (sorry for any eanglish mistakes)

Does it have to be a laptop? What’s your budget?

i thought bleder can be use only on computers and laptops, what else? My budget is 5000zł I guess it is 1250 €.

CTH680 intuos wacom

I have experience with 3 tablets, two cheap ones, and a sintique.

On a budget, i’d personally recomment the CTH680 Intuos

Exactly. But for 1250€ you could build a desktop pc much better for Blender than a laptop of the same cost. That’s why I asked.


The best hardware for your budget comes with this laptop https://cenowarka.pl/lenovo-legion-y540-15irh-raven-black-81sx00xdge-a2245352.html?hloc=pl
You won’t find a better gpu at this price range.

thank u very much <3

Thank u FinalBarrage <3