Which laptop to get?

I am on a quest to find a laptop for around 1000 dollars, the best I can get for that price, and of course be able to use blender without freezing or running slow becaue I am trying to rotate the view while looking at the cube. It also needs to have wi-fi, and if possible an intel core duo and/or 1 GB of ram. If there is a laptop out there that is for me, and you know about it, let me know, as it will make my search a lot easier. If I can’t find a laptop that fits these needs, I’ll have to settle for a mylo (which looks like a fun gadget I guess). Thanks in advance for any responses.

I have recently bought one for 699 euros (about 900 or so $) and it has:
1.225 Gig RAM (standard is 512)
80 gig hard drive,
15.4" screen,
Pentium M processor 745A (1.8GHz, 2MB L2 cache),
8x multi-std dvd/cd writer with support for DVD-RAM and dual layer
the battery even lasts for about 3 hours :smiley:
It’s a Medion 15.4" mutlimedia notebook MD 97600.
I find it good with one drawback: my earphones won’t work on it :frowning:

There are loads of laptops around $1000 or so that have Core Duo and 1GB Ram. The trouble is they all generally have integrated GMA 950 graphics chips, which aren’t the best for the 3D stuff. I tried a Macbook, which has a Core Duo chip and a GMA 950 and costs around $1000 and the processors are very fast but the 3D still wasn’t great. I’d say I got interactive scenes up to about 100-200,000 polys.

Overall, it depends on what you’re after. If you spend more time with heavy 3D scenes than rendering then get an older processor and a good dedicated graphics card. If (like me) you use the CPU more then get a Core Duo and suffer the lower graphics performance.

If you want both then I’m afraid you’re looking closer to the $1,500-2,000 range for laptops.

There has to be an earphone jack somewhere. You can always get usb earphones of course.