which linux and distrubutor

so ive managed to get 3 working computers and was wondering which linux distro would be both the easiest to install and the best[performance] for use in a renderfarm[client], also which is the best render distributor(you know the prog that keeps track of the clients rendering process) for both the blender internal and the yafray renderers oh and also the easiest to use
some that ive heard about:
dr. queue

thanks for the help

ps im a complete linux noob

I think that two of the easiest Linux distrobutions to use are Mandrake (http://www.mandrakesoft.com/) and Red Hat (http://www.redhat.com/). I personally use Mandrake 9.1. Mandrake 10 is avalible, but I have found it to be rather buggy. If you are looking for rendering speed, I would recomend using Ice Window Manager. It should come installed with Mandrake. It is a much lighter GUI than Mandrake’s default, KDE, and thus does not use as much of the system’s resources.

Atm, it’s pretty much impossible to get easy to use and fastest in teh same distro. For speed, I’d recommend Gentoo, and for Ease of use, I’d recommend Mandrake. Gentoo isn’t too hard if you follow the step-by-step tutorials and ask plenty of questions on irc.freenode.net #gentoo , but it takes a while and a fast internet connection. Once you get it installed on one system, if all are exactly the same hardware-wise you can clone the hdd, but otherwise you can at least run distccd on teh completed ones and set it up as a client on the one you’re installing on so that it’ll use all teh computers running distccd together for compiling.

does anyone know of any good programs to handle the distibuted rendering?
cuz for some reason i cant download nitrox