Which Linux Distro? Kubuntu/Ubuntu advice needed

I know there have been a lot of linux threads popping up, but they don’t really answer my specific questions. The linux distros that I’ve seen a bit of are Knoppix and Fedora. I’ve tried out a live cd of Knoppix, and I would like to dual boot either Knoppix or Fedora with Windows XP. I’m planning on getting another hard drive, so I don’t think I should have any trouble with partitions and the like. Here are my questions:

  1. How hard is it to install programs (especially Blender, GIMP, Open Office, and the like) on either Knoppix or Fedora? Do I have to compile them myself?

  2. Which do you prefer Knoppix or Fedora, in terms of bundled programs, functionality, ease of use, and in some ways similarity to Windows?

Thanks a million.


1-knoppix is only a live cd. it was build for that. An then you can install a copy on you hard drive. but the system remeain the same: a live cd boot. Mean detecting new hd a startup and having lotsa livecd specific features.

2-Fedora, personnaly isn’t a good choice. I never really liked it, cause it’s rmp based, and installing a package took always too much time, dependancy hell. Though now there is urpmi which seem to take all this in charge. Too late i’m no more in thr rpm based distro, been a while. So maybe it’s not that bad now.

Far a distro that eavily look like windows. There is lindows, which isn’t free I think, or there is some other that can look like windows.
see there:

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  1. Knoppix 4,0 LIVE-DVD comes with all of it included. As you have tried it already
    you certainly have realized that Gimp and OpenOffice are (and have always been) included
    in Knoppix. Since 4.0 Blender too. You need to install Graphics drivers afterwards as they are

  2. Go for Fedora as you come from the same place. It will respect your laws.

Knoppix does awful things like playing mp3s and divX movies. With Fedora you can rely on installing the mp3 player by hand. Apart from that installing Knoppix to HD is absolutely
boring. Its only one command (knoppix-hdinstall), which you have to type at the console!
It installs Knoppix within minutes without asking you too much. With Fedora you have longer install fun and you adapt it to your needs already at installation time. As Knoppix is german
you are never sure that you won’t get pop-ups in german when you where expecting and needing
an english comment and maybe it has hidden stuff (beware of the krauts) built-in :slight_smile:

@ Gabio : Non, Monsieur it asks you for the install type choose debian-type instead and you won’t have a live system on your HD.

Why dont you try out all of them.

Use Fedora to cut the Hardrive into as many sections as you want. Say secton for Fedora section for Knoppix and a section for Windows. Once you decided you dont like one or prefer the other. You can format that partition, and give it to the favourite distro.

Grub can load any amount of ditros. Its only limited to how big your HD is…

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I use Fedora myself. With the Planet CCRMA low latency patches and music packages. It uses apt so it’s quite alright for this semi-neophyte.

get debian.


never really used knoppix. fedoras nice, but i didnt really like it, though i cant put my finger on why. i like debian. its easey to install(though fedora has a nice GUI), and apt-get simply OWNZ all.

Ive been a fedora user for a few years now, and you probably will like it quite a bit.

But as far as linux in general is concerned:

  1. Programs often install fairly easily and with minimal fuss these days. Even if you have to build them yourself. (how hard is it, really? ./configure; make && make install). done. Other than that, you can often find rpms for most of the software you would be interested in using for both distros. fedora has a pretty good sized userbase and alot of help forums, as well as many people tend to build packages for fedora (being the community redhat and all…).

just install apt-get on whatever system you are going to use and your life will be a breeze (who doesnt love apt-get upgrade?).

  1. Are bundled programs really all that important to you? do you have a high speed internet connection? if you do, then the bundled programs are kind of moot. (again, apt-get install is your friend).

Also, alot of people tend to mistake ease of use, and user interface with a particular distro.

Remember: KDE, gnome, icewm, xfce, etc are all window managers/desktops. the underlying linux system could care less if you had a green 12" monochrome monitor, or a fancy widescreen tv. X will care, but linux underneath will not. So, the question may be more appropriately phrased as: which window manager/desktop environment will i like better? Which one will make me feel at home coming from windows.

Cause guess what? I can make Debian look EXACTLY like Fedora look EXACTLY like Knoppix look EXACTLY like Ubuntu, etc etc. Just install the same desktop environment on all of them.

Personally, I enjoy the minimalistic approach, and installed XFCE included with the fedora core install cd’s. but you will probably feel more at home with KDE coming from candyland windows…

So for a brand spankin new user, either do as kit89 suggested, and install a few and find one you like.

Or go with something a bit more friendly up front like fedora (this is not meant to start a flame on distros), and get/learn apt-get as soon as possible. the support base is huge (a big plus when you can’t get something working). there are tons of packages for it already built, and it comes with all of the eyecandy DE’s, Gnome, KDE, and my fav, XFCE.

Remember, you can change how it looks/behaves to just about any way your little heart desires. Don’t like Gnome, then install KDE! Dont like KDE, install fluxbox! etc etc…

Thanks for the advice guys. :smiley: I’m downloading a Live CD of Kubuntu to see how I like it, and if I can find a Live CD download of Debian, I might look into that too. I would download Fedora tonight, but I couldn’t find any Live CD downloads of it :frowning: and I haven’t bought a new hard drive yet. Thanks again for all your help. (I’ll probably report back later ;))


Debian is too complicated for a newbie, besides Kubuntu/Ubuntu and Knoppix all are based on Debian but are setup to be much easier to use.

Ok, I’ve tried both Ubuntu and Kubuntu live cd’s, but they both have the same error. Here’s the error I get: “Error: Temporary failure in name resolution”. Do you guys know what the problem is? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Here’s my system specs, if they’ll help:

AMD Athlon 3000+ “Barton”
2x512MB Kingston Value RAM
80 GB Western Digital HD
ZIP Drive
Sony DVD-ROM Drive
128 MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800 OC


that just means that you aren’t connected to the net and so it can’t find www.ubuntu.com to adjust your clock.

Is there any way to install gnome on knoppix? (Even though i come from windows I HATE kde)

There is a something between Ubuntu and Knoppix that seems to be what you want. http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=gnoppix
Mandrake (i think they changed names somehow) used to be another troublefree
distro with an elegant Gnome integration. It was fun.

Just to point out the obvious from my earlier post, but you can use any desktop environment you want with any linux distro you desire (of course, some easier than others).

So - Jedi Dawn, you can use ANY window manager/desktop environment you want.

DwarvenFury - efbie has it right, you arent connected to the net. The error is not halting your system, is it?

and… 3d penguin has a good suggestion, as i recall mandrake is supposed to be quite friendly to newcomers (at least thats what it was famous for!)

I know about gnoppix but i think it has some differences with knoppix (apart form the WM of course) How would I install and run gnome on knoppix?
BTW. I tried mandrake linux (now mandriva) and wasn’t that impressed… RPMs never worked and are terrible compered to apt/dkpg anyway; pluss I couldn’t get anything to compile

pld: Actually, the error does halt my system. The loader goes a little further after the first error, and then it says that something respawned to quickly and that it has to wait five minutes. Five minutes later, the same thing happens. If anybody knows how to fix this, I’d be very appreciative.:smiley:


Mandrake changed it name to Mandriva after buying some other comapny.

Mandriva is one of the big Distro’s along with SuSe and Ubuntu.

It was also famed that Mandriva was the most latest kernel, and aplications around.
If I’m right it uses .rpm’s so it fairly easy for newbies.

If you like having the latest applications and kernels to date. I would’nt suggest Debain considering it took 3 years for the latest Debian to come out Debian 3.1 (I think its nickname Buzz not sure.)

I think that there is another error. I’m not an ubuntu expert but if the liveCD can boot, there is no reason that the installed version can’t. You should go to www.ubuntuforums.org or #ubuntu on freenode.net
I hope that you will find more information there…

@jedi dawn: I suggested installing a different linux, cause of loads of dependancies to solve
after installing Gnome on Knoppix. I havent tried it myself yet, but i know that a lot of apps rely on Gnome or KDE specific libs. Exchanging Gnome for KDE AND still having all of your apps available looks to me like a compile orgy.

You simply might be better off installing a different Linux.

Hey guys I have a few quick questions. Do any of you use the debian install of Knoppix? Kubuntu and Ubuntu won’t work on my computer for some mysterious reason, so I can’t use either of them.(I posted on their forums, but I didn’t get any replies. I guess they aren’t as friendly as the people here. :D) Also, how hard is it to download drivers with Knoppix (mainly for my Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS, and my NVIDIA GeForce 6800) so that everything runs okay? Do I have to have an internet connection for that? (I could move my computer up a floor so I can get it online, but that’d be a lot of work :-?) Thanks.


p.s. I know I could ask on the Knoppix forums, but I wanted to ask here first because I’m already a member, and you guys have been really helpful. :smiley: