which linux to use?

i’ve recently acquired a laptop to use over the summer holidays, and i’ve been using it to render frames of my project while i work on it on another computer. however, this laptop is locked tighter than a very secure thing, and shuts down every 30 mins if i don’t twiddle the mouse.

so here’s my question: does anyone know what version of linux would be best to render blender in? preferably one that’s small enough to fit on a DVD so i can run it from there.

thanks in advance.

What I would advise is, the (try-)Ubuntu version, the Windows installer (>> Wubi.exe).
When you’re done with the laptop, save all your work to an external USB-disk in Ubuntu.
Than boot in Windows and deinstall Ubuntu, works like a charm!


Except Wubi is a lot slower then actually installing ubuntu.
Sadly the LiveCD in my experience was also slow.
Ubuntu was good, and then I found out about ubuntu minimal.
Which I don’t recommend if your completely new to linux. Look into the ubuntu altenratives, xubuntu, lubuntu.

cire792: I’m no Ubuntu-expert, but how and why is it ‘a lot slower’, seems to me a weird statement based on the assumption they make a (locked)file-space for the Windows-system, this in order to claim this ‘file-space’ as a ‘linux-partition’ to actually install Ubuntu.


This is probably also why de-installing takes not even a second :wink:

cire792: An other method they could use is by alter the MBR, decrease a partition, then you’ll get a similar approach of install linux side-by-side, this to say, that would make no difference in speed…


I think he’s talking about the fact that when running off a liveCD the computer has to keep going and reading stuff off the CD which is much slower than off a harddrive
another problem with a live CD is it isn’t likely to come with blender on it
that being said I’d check out openSUSE
they have a custom build service that lets you create a liveCD with whatever you want on it


of course you’ll have to figure out what you’re doing
here’s a tutorial



drobbins: I think you should read again :wink: If you ask me, he probably did try the LiveCD and assumed Wubi to be the same deal… since the LiveCD is indeed a lot slower for obvious reasons, but Wubi of which he clearly speaks is not, since Linux runs pretty normal(like any regular Ubuntu install)…


Ubuntu fits on a DVD, and can also be run off of a flash drive. The advantage of the flash drive is that if it’s set up correctly, it’ll save changes, whereas in the DVD version everything is stored in RAM and lost when the computer is turned off. Every time it’s turned back on, it will be in a fresh state.

Ubuntu also seems to have the most support and popularity now. In fact, I think it’s the 3rd most popular OS currently.

so here’s my question: does anyone know what version of linux would be best to render blender in? preferably one that’s small enough to fit on a DVD so i can run it from there.

the OP said this
I think he’s talking about a liveCD
I could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time;)


Hi, i worked often with linux on usb stick, one example:

Some other distributions are possible, and you could store system changes on the usb stick.
With live cd you always lost your system changes after reboot.
You need a 1 to 4 GB usb stick.

Cheers, mib

I assumed DrVonTrap thinks small linux on liveCD equals fast linux and liveCD equals easiest(/best) solution, but all CD and USB-solutions (even HD) are slow or a lot slower than the Wubi solution and the latter gives you the ‘freedom’ to read, write and install as you please…


@drobbins: I can’t say if your latest reply is (especially) to my since you responded towards me on the cire792 reply.

@mib2berlin: And he needs a real fast usbstick(which are rather expensive) an usb-HD will get you more space ‘n’ speed. But I have experienced the irritation of usb-sticks, but don’t have experienced with a ‘pendrive-Linux’…

I know you’re looking for linux, but what about playing a very low-quality media file in the background? Or accessing data over the network? If it’s just stock-standard windows power-saving that might stop it (or not).

Otherwise, that openSuse build service might help you.

Um, it’d be best if you actually installed it, but i understand how you can’t.

Heck, really, if it’s so locked down that you can’t change power-saving options, consider yourself lucky that you can run external programs at all. I’m actually surprised you can run wubi.

Personally I used Debian. Linux is typically secure provided you only install what you really need. I used it as the gateway/router/firewall for the PRI we had piped into the school I worked at. I also used it for the servers in the school. Samba server for file server. Squid and dansguardian for the proxy server and web filter. The filter weeded out most of the spyware attempting to come in.
If however you are wanting to use Linux as your desktop software for all employees there is always Ubuntu. I have never used it but I am told it is based on Debians build. If you are really anal about security then you would really want to use OpenBSD. You will have some problems with your wireless network card on your laptop but if you get into linux you will find the solution you are looking for.

Good luck and welcome to Linux!