Which LInux Version

(Sebasthos) #1

I have seen that there are (thankfully!) several pages where Blender 2.23 for linux can be downloaded. However, there seem to be three versions, Static, Alpha and anoter one.
Which one is the right for me? I have Suse Linux 7.0.

(Timothy) #2

you should probably try static,… dynamic assumes you have set your video libraries properly (so dynamic has hardware accleration).

You might want to ask some other people how to properly configure your Linux so you can enjoy the dynamic version aswell.

The will need to know which graphics card you have.

(Pablosbrain) #3

As I don’t use it… i’m not sure… but aren’t the Alpha versions for DEC Alpha machines?

(slikdigit) #4

the dynamic version is neccessary to have 3D hardware acceleration. but your video drivers have to be properly set up. It depends on your card greatly (and in some cases, you will not get hardware acceleration b’cuz XFree does not support it for your card, e.g. oxygen VX1)
suse 7.0 is fairly old. If you have issues you should probably upgrade your kernel/XFree.

(VelikM) #5

Upgrade to the latest version of linux and XFree, the newest version supports more video cards with acceleration. Get both the static and the dynamic version if you can, use the static until you get the dynamic version running, and the alpha version is for the Dec Alpha processor (the ultimate rendering machine ;)). Could you post the link to the download page? while I have Publisher 2.25 for windows and OS X I would like to have the alpha version for…my alpha(NEVER mind I found the link). Post your system spec’s, video card and the like, there are some page that you can lookup your card and find out if it’s supported (accelerated)
Check here for your video card http://www.xfree86.org/current/Status.html

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(Sebasthos) #6

Thanks a lot, folks!
I think you can find the link under the Thread “Downloads” in this forum, thats where I got to it. It is a russian page, but the Menupoint download is quite clearly understandable.