Which Linux?

Hello blender friends,
i have a problem and am wondering if someone could help me end my search for a good Linux distro.

A few days ago i installed PCLinuxOS on my laptop (a Toshiba Qosmio) and was mighty impressed.
PCLinuxOS could setup my wireless (ipw2200) and lilo could boot the OS. The only other OS that could boot my pc was opensuse 10.2 (all other distros like Ubuntu 7.04, Fedora7, LinuxMint3/3.1, Sabayon 3.4 mini could not)
I liked PCLinuxOS so much that I formated my main gfx workstation (HP with 2 GIG Ram, X2 5000+ and nvidia 7600GT) to run that distro exclusively.

Here is my problem: PCLinuxOS 2007 uses python 2.4 which means that I don’t have access to the latest builds from graphicall.org

So I’m wondering what linux versions you guys use that can run:
Latest blender build
2.4 GIMP
OpenOffice 2.3
record-my-desktop (I really need to finish my car tut a.s.a.p. but have problems with the file size which is 700MEG and next to impossible to download)

Thank you for any feedback and advise :slight_smile:

you can have as many versions of python as you want, check out the synaptic package manager, and see if you can find python 2.5.

There is a guy named Thac who has a APT repository, he might have the bleeding edge python, gimp and blender for you if you cannot find it in the PClinux apt repository.

thanks for your input :slight_smile:
I talked to a pclinuxos developer in an irc channel and he mentioned that for the next little while, python 2.5 will not be implemented because it would be too much work to update everything …
The weird thing that bugs me is that each distro brings something useful but none have it all.
opensuse grub and pclinuxos lilo can boot my laptop and “see” my wireless, the others can’t.
opensuse 10.2 with e17 as WM looks AMAZING but! the touchpad is very finnicky and moves way to fast/far
On my desk tops, grub can boot most distros but some have old versions and need tons of megs of stuff to be updated with the risk of braking dependencies …

My hope is that soon opensuse 10.3 will be out and that this distro will end my nightmare because i have fallen way behind in work as all the downloading of ISOs and reading all the info is very time consuming.

Still interested in what others are using and how the problem is solved best.

Are there any recent blender builds that work on python 2.4 (I have blender 2.45 with python 2.4 on my machines now)

Thanks :slight_smile:

look here under linux,

they have a version of blender that runs under python 2.4

Mmph! is correct. You won’t break your installation by having two separate versions of Python installed. What the PCLinuxOS Dev was telling you that in order for them to migrate from 2.4 to 2.5, there will be a lot of breakages. Maybe you should ask around at the PCLinuxOS forums and see what the experience of others has been.

thank you mmph and skottish :slight_smile:
i did ask “texstar” (if i’m not mistaken, he is the senior developer) and he was the one who told me “not in the near future”

The good news is that if i can just add python 2.5 and link the experimental blender builds to it, than all would be well.

Thank you both for shedding some light on this because I really love pclinuxos.

Since pclinuxos is quite popular, I’m wondering if anyone out there has co-installed python 2.5 and is running cutting edge blender builds. And if yes, what else do I need to download to satisfy the dependencies?

Ciao for now :slight_smile:

I believe that PCLinuxOS is based on Mandriva. If that’s correct, Mandriva has a gigantic user base. That would also be a good avenue for your search.

yea it is based off mandrake/mandriva. Most mandriva RPM’s should work for PClinux

If you want cutting edge linux, try Gentoo. But its install system is the most difficult, because it compiles the kernel, modules and applications as you install. But Sabayon is a gentoo based linux that is pre-compiled. It has proven to be the most stable on my hardware ( I have lockup problems) , but if I had a more generic hardware setup, I’d just use Ubuntu. It lets you spend more time using your apps, and less time tinkering with the OS.

hey … more information :slight_smile:

thanks guys … i made a backup of pclinuxos (mklivdcd) and now can experiment with adding python 2.5. If it brakes any/everything, than I just reboot and start over without loosing any customizations and add on stuff.

i booted sabayon last night and on my workstation was able to install blender 2.45
It was new to me to see blender taking quite a while to install … so I watched the code scroll by - not knowing what is happening. The good news is, that blender was stable.

Because of that excitement, I booted another live cd, this time the 32bit version of sabayon on my laptop and just like on the workstation, it figured out the graphic settings for a 3D desktop on its own. Impressive!
But me wireless card did not show up at all. I have a Toshiba Qosmio laptop that uses an intel wireless. The driver is called ipw2200.
Because I have a second machine on the net, I was able to google for some info but none provided the fix i was looking for.

So, i am 100% happy with PCLOS2007 on my laptop as it gives me a natural feel when using the computer. The touch pad

nice (no weird jerky movements) and wireless is automatically set up without me needing to do anything.
I get gimp2.4 out of the box and can run blender 2.45 with python 2.4

My two desktops (this is my home setup) are connected to a KVM switch which means that I use both machines with one monitor/mouse/keyboard. While the main graphics machine renders, I switch to the other computer and do audio/office work.

Sabayon runs well on the new HP computer and even gets the network setup right.
Now I have to read up on all the things one must know to use this beast!

Thanks again for all the information - i was quite desperate before i posted the original post as every distro brought one advantage and one disadvantage. I was hoping that there were others who went through this and would be able to give advise.

Thank you :slight_smile:

It was new to me to see blender taking quite a while to install … so I watched the code scroll by - not knowing what is happening. The good news is, that blender was stable.
Ya, when you install with Sabayon you’re usually compiling from source, unless you use “bin” eg; emerge bin blender. Even with Portato or Kuroo you can emerge with ‘use flags’ that work best for your system. Handy.
I’ve watched the Blender emerge scroll by and noticed a few humorous things, like a variable named ‘video_card_is_not_intel_crap’. LOL
I think you’re lucky to find a linux that fit you so quickly. I went through about 10 before I found one that was stable on my hardware. Mabey someday computer manufactures will get smart and deliver computers with a linux custom compiled for the exact hardware they assembled. Possibly the first will be that little XO laptop.

Use Arch – best combination of “latest” stuff and “stability” I’ve found. Not too much trouble to figure out and configure, good community for help, nice Wiki, etc. And I have put to packages for Blender up – one for the particles and one for the cloth. That way you can stay kinda “updated” with the new stuff as well.

I almost forgot!

you can make a live CD from your current install, just keep everything under 2 gigabytes and follow this:


Easy eh?
just type :
mklivecd new.iso

and you are totally in business!
That way after you get everything you like installed, you can use the live CD as a backup.

If you ever need to re-install just use your live CD to save time.
You can also give the live CD to your friends to show off blender.(you need to use the static version, in case your friends dont have the same graphics card as you do)

anyways, with a little tweaking you can have your own little distro 8)

have fun!
PS, I agree with mrunion, Arch is a cool distro too.

Yup… Tis’ my vote.

In fact, I’ve been using and promoting mrunion’s Arch-Blender builds for a while. They are top quality.

[personal note]
mrunion, please take over maintainership of Arch’s Blender package; It’s not loved just right…
[/personal note]

actually, if you are experience in compiling linux,
try to go for LinuxFrom Scratch
I personally use it…and got python 2.5 running + blender running quite stable