which modems work on linux?


i’m having problems getting a modem to work on suse 9.2
i had a conexant HCF that didn’t work
then asked shop for a linux modem , and got a
duxbury internal 56k

but it didn’t work either
someone i know said he had a external(serial) duxbury and it worked fine


what should i do
which modems do work on linux?



Here you’ll find (maybe) the solution for your problem:


Good luck

check out http://www.linmodems.org/

What for? Just type external “Conexant” with serial port support - default /dev/ttySX).

Avoid USB interface.

You can play with motorolla based Winmodems and kernel modules. But is unnecesary.

thanks guys,

i bought an external serial duxbury modem

and it works :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


I run Linux on a usb modem, most of the recent versions of Linux have the driver CDCEther its just a question of telling it which driver to point at on start up

For exanple to make it work on Xandros you open the drivers/etc file in a text editor, add the line 95 CDCEther to the end of the text, save the file and then run xangenmodules and reboot. So if anyone is having problems with usb modem it is possible and you may be able to get help from your local LUG

Bleah. get a PCI based one with an actual hardware controller.

USR5610B works great with linux. No need for crappy software drivers.

Actually I agree with you if I was going out to buy one. Just that nowadays the free modems the phone and cable companies give out tend to be usb.

The cable company gave me a modem free with the connection, and having the kind of income where even the price of a modem would hurt for a few weeks, I found out how to make the one I had work instead of throwing money at the problem… I’ve had utterly no problems with it for the past four years.

I was just pointing out that it is perfectly possible to run a usb modem on Linux should you need or wish to do so.

I’m not denying you could do better if you have the money to spend.