Which Mother Board is Better???

Prices are in canadian… Please tell me which one you think is better!!!
Its for a Gaming/developement computer!!!

K8V-SE DX : VIA K8T800 S754/800FSB 3xDDR400 Dual-SATA-RAID-0,1,0+1 Dual-ATA133 WiFi 8x USB2.0 2xi1394 AGP8x Audio GLAN ATX @ $150.00


P5P800 : P4 S775 865PE Dual-DDR 5PCI SATA Audio G-LAN AGP8x ATX @ $112.00


IC7-G : i875P AGP8X ATA100/2xSATA150-RAID S478/800(HT) Dual-DDR400 w/ Audio/Firewire/G-LAN @ $167.00

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