Which obstacles can i find in a game development for using blender ?

Most of the game development companies use max and maya right?

so, what could be the problems i can have in a game development company ?

exporting in certain format ? …

Transferring animations between packages will be hell

Sounds like you’re looking to get a job/work at a games company rather than an “indie” developer right?

Most of these companies will have lots of custom code in their pipelines that is highly tied to maya, max or whatever. This means you’ll need to get your data into that package, do whatever “conditioning” of those assets is required and then you’ll be fine.

For models OBj works fine, but it doesn’t support multiple UVs so if you need that you’ll be looking at other stuff. That really means collada and/or filmbox. In both cases your sucess at tranferring the assets depends on the quality of the blender exporters and the quality of the importers in max/maya/whatever else.

Last I tried getting stuff with multiple UVs into maya was hell, can’t remember the specifics, but it was something like if the blender exporter worked, the maya importer wouild trash the data in some niggley way… or vice versa!

As for animation, fobsta is right, even if collada or fbx gets the data into your target app it’s likely that the games pipeline in this area will have a custom rig, lots of custom properties and require a lot of re-targetting.

The short answer is that anything more ambitious than transferring a model, 1 set of uvs and some textures gets difficult very quickly.
even then you’ll probably have to add a lot of properties, custom materialsand associated parameters, collision tags etc etc

Be prepared to write a lot of scripts to streamline this process and be sure that the extra effort in this area is payed off by your increased productivity beacause of your affinity for th blender tool chain!

Be prepared for sceptics to force you to use the package they wrote the tool chain for and consider it a privalige not a right that they let you use blender for asset creation.

Most companies won’t care less what you model in as long as it works smoothly and isn’t seen to hold you back. (and doesn’t cause un-necessary expense - at least blender’s no issue there!)

modelling “props”, eg guns, crates etc or characters or cars will be easier to use your tool of choice than building an environment or doing animations for the above stated reasons.

Be prepared to know the “target” package pretty well too. If you’ve never used it learn it to a “production ready level”. You’ll need that to track the problems when everything goes wrong!