Which Of These Do You Like The Most?

(CubeFan973) #1

These were chosen at random. Which do YOU like best?

The reason I have everything from “The Others” to “Batman & Robin” is because I went onto www.imdb.com and just had a random title engine choose all of these (except for a few that I threw in for good measure).

(Grizzly69) #2

What exactly is the point of this poll if the movies are chosen at random?

What’s the point of this post?

(CubeFan973) #3

Just to see what you’d choose. Besides, it’s not ENTIRELY random.

(Dittohead) #4

what about one of the starwars movies???

(CubeFan973) #5

Didn’t come up.

(Dittohead) #6

dang starwars rocks!!!

/i have you now!!!


come on vader stop it that hurt!!!

(CubeFan973) #7

Geez, you’re older than I am (I know this for a fact–unless there are any 11-year-olds here, I’m the youngest person on here), and you LIKE “Star Wars?” Those films get a little boring! The games are quite good, though. Why don’t they make this game where you go into alternate universes (or just one) of the films–i.e. if, for some reason, Obi-Wan didn’t let Vader kill him–and see what happened?

Oh yeah, LucasArts is too busy making “Full Throttle 2” and “Sam & Max 2!” WOOHOO!