Which of these node setup or Transparent Shadows seems to be the problem ?

This is how my planet is looking even with the new Blender Developer Build 2.76-5693337, experimental build, same with 2.76

Now is this because of my material node setup or because opencl still doesn’t support transparent shadows?
My clouds are rendering well in the same scene which have transparent shadows enabled, even when I disable the atmosphere from render.

Here is the material node for the atmosphere, I have tried connecting with both fresnel and facing nodes.

Even removing the color ramp from both setups doesn’t help .
Any ideas? It works without issues with CPU rendering.
Using Saphire Nitro R9 390 for GPU.

If it works without issues on the CPU then it is a OpenCL problem.

IIRC transparent shadows are enabled under the experimental kernel for OpenCL,tryenabling that.

What are IIRC Transparent Shadows?

I am using the experimental build and clouds above are actually getting properly rendered, as they have alpha and transparent shadow enabled, but the atmosphere isn’t getting rendered.

“IIRC” is an abbreviation for “if I recall correctly”, just for future reference in case (as it appears) you were a little confused by that.

I haven’t used any experimental builds myself, but you may still need to enable the experimental feature set, in the experimental build, for rendering. Maybe.

Render tab (camera icon) > Render > Feature Set: [Experimental]

yes using that.

No choice for now, I am rendering with CPU for this scene. Just taking 1 hr 15 minuts per frame