Which of these two CPU's?

I’m building a computer. My choices of CPU have come down to a 3.3 GHz tri-core and a 2.6 Ghz quad-core. I know the quad-core will be faster for rendering, but since I’m still learning, I would like to keep editing performance at its best. (They are the same series.)

It boils down to a very simple question: can blender exploit multiple cores when the user is editing, or is this advantage restricted to rendering?

Thank you kindly.

You avoid mentioning the brand and type of CPUs - aside from core CPU speed these (can) have a large impact on overall speed.

Ahhhh… thanks.

It was the Athlon II line.

However, I’ve also opened up to looking at the intel i5 or i7 or the AMD FX 4170 or FX 8150. (The i7 being the better of i5 and the 4170 having a faster clock and less cores than the 8150.)

Aww, who am I kidding. I’m wide open to suggestions.

I would still like to know though, how mutiple cores effect’s blender’s non-render (ie, editing mode) operations.

And thanks again!

Depends on your computer use; if it’s mainly for blender then there a few good choices. For my own personal preference (as I’m upgrading soon) I’ll be going i7, the one i’ve got is over three years old and it’s been a good choice - still no slouch, but definitely getting on.