Which one is better Blender 2.35a or 2.36_RC2

Which is better to work with, Blender 2.35a or 2.36_RC2?


I suggest wait for the actual 2.36 to be officially released, 2.36 is supposed to have a ton of bugfixes.

Thanks Kansas:

I am working with 2.35a but I want to know if ther is an advantage working with 2.36_RC2 because I am waiting for 2.36 to be released 10 days ago and I don’t know when it is going to take place.

Luis Gomez B.

no new feature in 2.36 so i think it’s safe to migrate to 2.36 now.

Actualy there is a new feature, blender now suports normal maps.

I personally use the 2.36 RC2… I like to stay on top of development. I haven’t actually had any need to use normal maps yet, though, so I wouldn’t mind using 2.35a. To each their own.


I was testing 2.36_RC2, I found there is an advantage: in 3D window in 2.35a a layer light afects other layers objects in 2.36_RC2 afects only the objects in its layer.

From now I will be working with 2.36_RC2 waiting for 2.36 to be released


Luis Gomez B.