Which one-time-buy PDF Editor did you use?

I need an easy to use pdf editor for someone who edit some lines of texts in a pdf document 1 - 2 times a month. Its for company use and i could just go and make an abo at adobe cause it is not my money, but that feels like wasting money for nothing.
We did not want to use “shady” online editors.
After looking at different alternatives i guess i go to buy a Nitro PDF license.
But maybe you have an hidden or underatted alternative?

Personally I use “Keynote”, It’s pretty easy to use, but I’m not sure if it would quite fit the work you want to do;

At my previous workplace, for this kind of things, we were using LibreOffice Draw. Did you know that you can use it to easily edit PDFs? It is hands-down the best free pdf editor.
Before you buy a tool, if the edits you make are just once or twice a month, it is totally worth giving it a try. It’s free!


I switched from Adobe Acrobat Pro to PDF-Xchange Editor years and years ago, and have never ever regretted it - quite the opposite.

And very affordable and user-friendly. Much easier to use than Acrobat Pro, and more powerful and less expensive than Nitro PDF. It even supports all the javascript functionality that Acrobat Pro does and 3D in PDF files.

Best of all: no subscriptions, but a perpetual license!

edit you mention it is for company use: PDF-XChange Editor also fully supports form creation en manipulation as well as digital signing.

PS I edited the web link - the previous one was wrong!

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I have used Open Office, which is free.

While I also have used LibreOffice to edit simple PDFs, there are a couple of MAJOR drawbacks:

  • opening PDFs is very, very slow because LibreOffice needs to convert the PDF.
  • multi-line text editing is not possible
  • Libre Office is unable to convert complex PDFs properly
  • if the original fonts are not present and installed it will replace these with other fonts

Here is a good example. PDF-XChange Editor on the left, LibreOffice on the right.

  • many (most) pages are not converted properly in Libre Office.
  • text fonts are replaced with a default one found on my system because the one used in the PDF at creation time is not available
  • opening this particular file takes 1 second in PDF-XChange Editor, and about 2 minutes and 44 seconds in LibreOffice!

The cover page is completely mangled, as are many pages that make use of specific PDF functionality related to transparency.

In short, when I looked around for a PDF editor I did test Libre Office - but it is very VERY limited since it needs to convert a PDF to its own file structure before it can be edited. It is NOT a true PDF editing environment.


Been using this for about two years, it’s amazingly well-designed (you have to abide by a ribbon-style interface and expect things to be presented to you instead of dug out by yourself, which can be disorienting coming from Blender), and it can do pretty much everything.
It costs 40-something USD iirc so definitely worth the investment.


Yes, agreed! :slight_smile:

It can even be dropped on a USB key without the need for installing it. I take it everywhere whenever I have to deal with PDF files.

It’s never let me down so far.

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Thanks for the explanations, we try out PDF-XChange.

Here you have the list of PDF editors.Some of them are opensource. I use opensource/free online tools as often as possible as now it’s a good alternative. Another possibility to edit PDFs, if they’re seldom edited, is to convert them to .doc or .odt format, edit with an Office and export them back to .pdf