Which (or what) is the correct head topology?

Hello guys,
I just join the forum just now and wanna ask something about head topology.
i’ve been trying to model a head for about a week, researching the correct topology, and so on…
and finally i just finish my head model without the ear and not so satisfied about it. I think it maybe bcs of wrong topology.
in my research about head topology, i’ve found many wires of others work and found some differences in the topology…
well so i wanna ask people here which (or what) is the correct topology for the human head.
please take a look at the picture :
topology for the eyes, which one is correct?
this one :
[![http://www.6photo.org/thumbs/eyes topology.jpg](http://www.6photo.org/thumbs/eyes topology.jpg)](http://www.6photo.org/gallery.php?entry=images/eyes topology.jpg)
or this one :
[![http://www.6photo.org/thumbs/eyes topology2.jpg](http://www.6photo.org/thumbs/eyes topology2.jpg)](http://www.6photo.org/gallery.php?entry=images/eyes topology2.jpg)

topology for the nose, which one is correct?
this one :
[![http://www.6photo.org/thumbs/nose topology.jpg](http://www.6photo.org/thumbs/nose topology.jpg)](http://www.6photo.org/gallery.php?entry=images/nose topology.jpg)
or this one :
[![http://www.6photo.org/thumbs/nose topology 2.jpg](http://www.6photo.org/thumbs/nose topology 2.jpg)](http://www.6photo.org/gallery.php?entry=images/nose topology 2.jpg)
topology for the jaw, which one is correct?
this one :
[![http://www.6photo.org/thumbs/jaw topology.jpg](http://www.6photo.org/thumbs/jaw topology.jpg)](http://www.6photo.org/gallery.php?entry=images/jaw topology.jpg)
or this one :
[![http://www.6photo.org/thumbs/jaw 2.jpg](http://www.6photo.org/thumbs/jaw 2.jpg)](http://www.6photo.org/gallery.php?entry=images/jaw 2.jpg)

i will be looking forward for feedback.
thanks :slight_smile:

oh by the way, the picture was taken from joan of arc tutorial…

The second one for the first one.
The first one for the second one.
The first one for the third one.
Good questions. Im no expert so im interested to see what others say.
We’ll wait and see.

Loops should be, well, loops. Your first and fifth images have actual loops that don’t cross themselves. They will work the best for keeping a clean, easily modifiable and easily animatable mesh.

thank you for the feedbacks…
well, i’m still looking for others opinion…

and if i may ask… what are the basic correct head topology?



In each of your examples…the second picture you’ve supplied is the correct form, but thats all really a matter of opinion because (as with everything else art related) everything is based off your artistic interpretation. So you can do anyone of those if you want…as long as the end result looks good. But for a good reference check torqs a better face tutorial (or something like that) sorry i dont have the link.

I guess this is were I may disagree with some. Loops can cross themselves with no issues in most cases. And if your topology flows correctly, they WILL!! They are also a desirable result in many cases leaving no reason to “fix” them. Being able to control them is what makes your forms more believable. Check out someartists (thats his name…I’m not joking) guide to loops and you’ll see what I mean. Sorry I dont have a link to that one either…so do some digging! Both those tut’s are linked to somewhere here in the forums.

If your models don’t have tons (tons is used freely…put them where needed WHEN needed) of loops that not only look clean but cross as well I’d put most of my money into the fact that when looked at from a distance with no material/ textures, most of your models will look take on a more squarish shape. Check most posters first works…especially ones where the foreheads appear squarish and you’ll notice the loops aren’t where they’re needed and hardly none of them touch. intersecting loops will happen…its enevitable (sp?), so stop putting up such a fight (you will have to move some once in awhile), just learn to control them!

eh? 1 is to 1.6 i think. don’t work off 5 or 6 - there’s no cranium. get another ref photo

House, you may want to go back and check torq’s tutorial again. If you take a close look at image 1 and image 5, combine them, you’'ve pretty much got exactly what torq recommends. If you put in loops correctly, you can’t avoid poles, but poles and loop crossovers are not the same thing. There are, in advanced organic modeling, some situations where a crossed loop might be the best solution, or at least a workable solution.

Dundaglan: these images are from the famous Joan of Arc tutorial. It’s meant to be a cartoon figure, not a realistic one. Besides, in the finished model, the hair fills out the volume in back of the head.

does anyone have link for a better face tutorial? i cant find it :frowning:
well i stick with this basic topology :
[![http://www.6photo.org/thumbs/basic topology.jpg](http://www.6photo.org/thumbs/basic topology.jpg)](http://www.6photo.org/gallery.php?entry=images/basic topology.jpg)
the ref was taken from JWiliiamson making female face tutorial… which is similar to this one :
(forgot where i get this)

but i notice another version of basic topology
(forget where i got this too)
and if you looking at others wire you may find various type of basic topology. and thats make me confuse. which one is right? which one is wrong?

but thats all really a matter of opinion because (as with everything else art related) everything is based off your artistic interpretation

yeah, maybe its more accurate to say which topology defines a face better and animates better… then which (or what) topology that does that?