Which OS is best to use with Blender?

Hey all.

I’m using Blender on a Macbook Pro Retina. It’s specs include an Intel i7 CPU, Intel Iris Pro HD 1536MB GPU and Nvidia GT750M GPU.

I’m wondering which OS is best to use with Blender. Most comparisons don’t include all three OS’s of choice (Win,OSX,Linux). Is it right that certain OS’s make Blender perform better, and that the official Blender versions have differences between them (e.g. included add-ons) depending on OS?

Since I could boot all three, I would love to know if one is preferable over another.

Thanks for your answer, and have a great day!

I can’t really tell from experience, but I’ve got the feeling that you should just use it with the OS you use when doing graphics-related stuff. You don’t want to switch OSes when switching between texture editing and 3D modeling for example.

I could imagine some OSes worke less nice with blender shortcuts. I had to modify my Linux shortcut settings because alt-drag would drag the window, and therefore made several blender shortcuts unusable.

Windows has best Viewport features. Linux can sometimes render faster by a second or 2. Not sure about Mac. For what it’s worth, just use Mac unless you have any issues.