Which PC game should I get?

I’m kind of conflicted and I wondered if you gamers could offer some advice/opinions… So far I’m leaning toward Battlefront II. Anyone have a reason why I can’t find a demo for Battlefront?

Neither. Wait til Elder Scrolls: Oblivion comes out tommorow on the 20th and buy it.

Go find mechwarrior 4!

I think you should buy Battlefront cause I like FPS more than RTS.

actually its technically a third person shooter

yeah i think battlefront two is the better choice, i own the first battlefront and me and my best friend have so much fun with it

actually its technically a third person shooter
Yeah you’re right it is a third person shooter but atleast in the first you can change to first person.

SW:BF2. Both games need strategy to play anyway, and BF2 puts you deeper into the action.

I actually thought BF 1 was better. Easier to see. But I’d say BF 2.

I kinda like the fact that battlefield is in 3rd person. There are so many fps’ out there and it was nice to play something different. I would go with battlefield 2 if I where you. Though, I don’t usualy play shooter games for computer. That’s why I got the Xbox. So, I guess if I was in your position I would actualy go with Empire at War.

Okey dokey, looks like I’m getting Battlefront II. :wink:

Battlefront 2 is first person. But it’s a waste of your money. Go find oblivion and get it. Will you be getting 500-1000 hours out of Battlefront 2? Exactly.

Why a waste of my money? I thinks it’s a cool game. And what is this oblivion?

[Edit] Ah, NM, me no likes RPG.

I find reasons you may like Battlefront or EAW depending on your favorite genre, I would get EAW but I found no evidence of it containing a map editor, RTS’s without map editors drive me crazy.

Well, there are a few reasons I’m leaning toward the BF2. 1, I like third person shooter a little better because you are actually controlling what individual people do, in RTS you send a bunch of people a general command and they go do their thing. 2, I dl’d the demo for EAW, and both the space and land battle maps are crampingly small. 3, well, I can’t think of anymore at the moment but still…

Dude, Battle Field 1942! its like 10 bucks, Free to play online, 1,000’s of players and a bad ass mod kit called Desert Combat ( Gives you modern weapons and new maps ) I love flying front gunner in the US Apache helicopter and blowing an Iraqi Tank up from the saftey of the clouds. Untill a Mig comes and shoots us down…

The Desert Combat mod was so good EA Hired the guys wo made it to make the next Battlefield game.

You cant beat 10 bucks man!

its free and its massilvly multiplayer :wink:

wolf et.

if i had to chose… i would chose battle front, having played it before.

what about the greats? fear or half life 2?
at the very least buy conter strike source!

Just bought BF2 with my very first pay-check!:smiley: Installing now…

Oh, oh, Get the game “25 to life” You can either play yourself as a cop or a cop killer :smiley:

Why don’t you choo-choo-choose Microsoft Train Simulator for hours of chuffing fun?