Which section is the right to promote my rigging models

Where can I open the topic for my commercial paid rigging models ? I want to be a hub for all of my rigging products!

I’ve taken the liberty to move your thread to BA Website Support.

Edit: It sounds like you want to announce/ advertise your products here on BA. I might be a good idea to contact Bart directly and tell him about what you have in mind.

Edit 2: Bart already responded while I was writing edit 1.

What did you have in mind? Where do you sell these?

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I will sell it in turbosquid,blendermarket,cgtrader ,
I just want a place where more people will see my products

you could make a thread in #support:tutorials-tips-and-tricks :slight_smile:

Since you’re an active community member I have no issue with you doing some light promotion. Don’t over-communicate though.

I can add affiliate links to your products in the ‘Friends of Blender Artists’ block too - PM me for details.