Which side are my poly faces looking at?

Hi there, Im really sorry if this was asked before but since I find myself using Blender for the first time I really don´t know which terms I should use to search for info.

Anyway, here goes my question: I started working on a custom characters for a project Im working on.
The problem is that when I started using the sculpt tool it seems that some faces are upside down, because in some sections it inflates the mesh and in others it deflates them.

I guess that this happened because I used a previous model that I’ve created a while ago and I manually removed and added new faces to get the correct shape.

Im afraid that this is going to affect the unwrapping/texturing process (and after a quick test it does) so…does anyone knows how to set it so that all the faces all facing “outside”, or am I screwed and have to start working on it all over again??


In the Mesh Tools More (Editing panel, F9), toggle Draw Normals on.
Increase the NSize if you can’t see the normal orientation clearly.

You can recalculate all normal outside (or inside) using ctrl+n (or ctrl+shift+n).

Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this helped me!

Recalculating normals is a good practice before sculpting even if you haven’t been doing a lot of face revisions – some processes seem to jigger the normals for some reason, so if you sculpt afterward you’ll need recalculation to get everything working consistently.

For example, when converting cloth sim frames to shapekeys for later sculpt editing, I found that the shapekeys often had large areas with reversed normals, compared to the original pre-sim cloth mesh. Not sure if it’s the cloth sim or the conversion process that does it, but I ended up making it a matter of routine to recalc normals to the outside so the sculpting tools would work properly over the entire mesh surface.