which sig?

Hello all, don’t know if I’m in the right place. I wanted to make a signature for another forum, and decided to use an environment which I made a couple of moths ago. But when I rendered it I got the feelinng it looked kinda messy, so I changed some textures. I now can’t tell which looks better. Any thoughts?


I like the second one better,

but -

Isn’t the image a bit large for a forum sig? Looks more like a movie title, ready to zoom into a closeup of the letters.

The texture and detail on the first one are a nicer, I think, but the second one has higher contrast between the text and background, hence, easier to read. You might still try to find a way to contrast the lettering more with the tree root. And like yogyog said, maybe the text should be a little better.

Personally I like the first one better, mainly because of the mood it projects. However, the second one is definitely easier to read.

IMHO, The first one, but I’d make the letters a lot taller, and wider, and also a bit fatter, that way you could resize the height and still see the text.

Thenaks for the comments all. Yup, I think I will have to crop a part of the picture out, either way I am allowed maximum size 650 X300, so the dimension will have to be different. I think I will use the firs one and either change the lighting or the mats on the letters to bring it out more. Thanks for the help!!

The first one , but try to make some contrast betwen letters and background.
I think you sould be more power on the source of light …

i like the first one

QFT :cool:

First one ALL THE WAY.

But why not lighten up the text a bit? or give it an angelic light-emitting-new-glare-node glow?

Cheers all. I think adding a bit of emit might be the answer. Anybody got a tutorial on how to do the angelic light-emitting-new-glare-node glow?:smiley:

For a sig I would go with the second one, but I like the feel of the first one.