Which social media platforms are worth it to put efforts in?

Dear Blender Users,

is any one of you using pinterest or other not so 3d-only related websites as a social media platform? Is it a thing to publish your works there ?
I’m not the best in caring about my social media portfolios, as it takes more and more precious time, the more accounts you have serve. Or is there a general strategy in social media portfolio works? How can i serve all relevant platforms with the least amount of time?

Some advice would be helpful. Thank you.

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I use Pinterest and Artstation to browse, i will usually look for a source on Pinterest if i find something cool.

Artstation feels very cluttered so i don’t use it that much.

If you ask how you can serve them and not to use them you are already lost :wink:

ArtStation was very good a few month/years ago because the quality was very high and the artist where talking a bit about their work. Nowadays it’s more and more a platform for pros (and not pros) to show there work… bad for learning (if you don’t wanna pay for the tuts/assets in the shop) because sometimes there is only one images and sometimes not even a text… :frowning: … (something similar on DeviantArt)

The question is: What is you goal ? Becomeing a good artist and get a job, make art for a living or getting famous an sell NFT’s??

ArtStation Learning is free though.

Just my personal opinion, but if you have no interest in a particular social media platform, then I’d suggest not worrying about a presence there. The majority of those platforms (including forums like this one) are most effectively used by the people who actually like using them. If you don’t like it, then it really shows in how you interact with others. Social media platforms (with some exceptions) aren’t great for audience building unless you’re advertising on them… they’re really there for folks who are already fans of you or your work. Also bear in mind that when you use any of those platforms, you’re doing what’s sometimes referred to as “digital sharecropping”. You’re building out a presence on someone else’s space and therefore you’re subject to their whims.

My recommendation would be to prioritize your own website (which I see you’ve done) and then dedicate enough energy on social media platforms to build out a profile and point back to your site. That will give you enough of a taste on those platforms to figure out which one(s) you like and which ones are just there for you to point folks to your real home.


Dear Jason, thanks for your comment. It really made think; especially your reffering to the term digital sharecropping”. I never thought about that.

When talking about a digital place that is really mine (and not on the “owned land” of a large company), does that in consequence lead in builing up a nft based portfolio?
Looking forward to your thougths on that.Thanks.

That’s really something separate altogether. If you’re building a portfolio of work as a demonstration of your skill so you can perform the service of creating art for someone else (that’s the typical approach), then running your own site is exactly what you want to do.

Now, if you’re looking to sell finished pieces (or links to them or whatever), then your website takes on much more of an e-commerce model. You can still use other platforms for sales/distribution if it’s convenient, but you should still give yourself the ability to sell direct if you can (like many physical artists use Etsy to sell, but still have their own website as well).

? I may have been confused by learning and shop… but as i remember there was much advertising to pay for courses ?? My memory may trick me… but i just tried and… :

Access to ArtStation Learning is free until the end of 2021

But i will (re-)investigate into this a bit more…

Thanks for the reminder.

Yeah, at the end of the year they said that it will remain free