Which software?

I am in the planning for a movie. I am also not sure which software to use to make the scenes.
I have Blender, DAZ3d, and iclone 7.
All will make scenes. The movie is about the Nativity so there are no big action scenes in it.
I am wondering which program to use. I currently am studying Blender. I have used the iclone 6 program for a movie about 4 years ago.
Any suggestions?

I’d say use whatever gets the job done.
Also, you don’t have to use one software exclusively. You may want to create your characters in DAZ3D, animate in Iclone and render in Blender. It’s your choice.
Well, I never used Iclone but given it’s nearly 200€ price tag and that it’s only available on Windows pushes me strongly toward Blender. Not surprising when thinking about that this is asked on BA.
Prepare for some softWAR action.

Thanks. I will work on it.