Which takes more system resources?

Which hurts your frame rate more, a megabyte of polys or a megabyte of textures? This may explain my last failed project. Thanks guys, let me hear your input.

A meg of polygons as it is what is transformed all the time,
where as the texture is just sitting in the video buffer,

So more vram = More textures happily hanging out,

Geometry = needs rendered every frame

You’ve really no basis to compare this. You need to explain how you measure a polygon - and what is being done with it. Textures have to be transformed add well as objects. It depends on how fast the gpu can access and calculate data etc.

Well I know a normalmap baked down onto a simple mesh is much faster then a detailed mesh,

that is a fact.


Well, still inconclusive but thanks for the input BluePrintRandom. I’m not currently working on a game project but my schedule should be clear of projects by next September.

Check layer 1 and layer 2

Layer 1 1 light 5 Normal mapped object

Layer 2 1 light 5 of the geometry used to make normal map

click layer 1

click layer 2 in cycles,

look at time…


hrmmm it’s not as conclusive as one might think

Thanks blueprint! Its actually a very close one. Using 320 cubes of each type, I concluded that its inconclusive also.

There is code in the BGE that uses VBOs with a STATIC_DRAW specifier, so it’s likely that polygons are also “just sitting” on the GPU.

And as agoose said, textures are also transformed.

And not all textures are created equal. Lets say you create 1 cube w/ textures that are 1920x1080 per side… w/ normal maps, bump maps(those may be the same, sorry texturing isn’t my thing), regardless those textures are doing more harm to the GPU rendering cycle than the 6 sided cube w/ basic geometry. The scenario is wayyyy to dynamic to conclude.