which technique to achieve this?

I found a blend file from nowhere on the internet. I wonder which technique the owner used on his model, he somehow carved text on the model, I can see the text clean and clear in object mode (image 1), but once tabbing into edit mode, the text disappears (image 2).
This effect is great, complex text can be even put in low-poly
(I can’t figure out how to attach my blend file)


i’d image it’s a normal map then. Check the textures associated with the model, there might be one for a normal map.

yeah it’s probably a normal map, :yes:

although you attached 2 photos, the same for .blend, you press on the big rebly button and you will go to rebly mode, then click on the icon in the image below.:spin:

then a pop up windows will ask you to choose the location of the file you wanna attach:eek:

that’s it and submit reply, you will see down the reply.

it’s THE SAME AS PHOTOS :cool:


A normal/bump map would be the best way to do it, I think in this case it’s done by adding text, extrude it a little and then using SHIFT+F to fill around the text, it should be a very messy mesh if that’s the case, I could of course be wrong though.

What about a displacement modifier? They can see it in 3d view, and you can’t see normal maps in 3d view.

He probably did something with the boolean modifier.


Just google ‘blender booleans’ if the wiki page isn’t helpful. You can do carving effects with booleans, i’ve done it a couple times. You gotta know what you’re doing because Blender doesn’t really have a great boolean system

I just find out how ignorant I am, this technique is the old boolean operation, but the owner hided all messy parts in Edit mode (I told you the text disappeared once I enter Edit mode), just pressing ALT-H and the ugly truth is shown off.
Maybe the best way to put text inside mesh is Normal Map :smiley:
(about the blend file, it’s too big to attach :slight_smile: )