Which theme is this?


it looks quite nice.

Looks like the one I am using, which is Hexagon2. I don’t know where I found it so I uploaded it instead.


Thanks for the help milk.
Anyway your link point me to this:

Access Denied
You cannot access the content “Hexagon2_theme_Marty_D.py”.

But no prob., I should have Hexagon theme somewhere on my disk … only I’m not sure that’s the right one, some colors seem different: I’ll check it, if it’s only a matter of colors it’s very simple to fix.

Sort of off topic…but how do you install themes?

Simply open the .Blend file.
Besides that you can also save the theme: there should be a script somewhere around, I don’t remember the link now … let me check

Here is a Link you can Download a Themes Collection Blend file 3!

You need (7Zip) to Extract!
Blend file: Included the most and the Best of Blender Themes made by Blender Users…and some Themes i made or Changed (Vassilios Themes) Included also!
The Hexagon_ 2_ Marty_D Theme also Included!
Open the Blend file and Execute in Blenders Text Editor!
Browse to change and see the Themes!
The “Save Theme py” is also Included in the list but you dont need this because you can “Save Current Theme” from: File-Export-“Save current Theme…” !
Because The Save Current Theme Python Script is already Included in Blenders Installation Scripts Folder!

notice:Also if you Browse the Themes in this Blend file you find some Doubles existing (this is for make Changes and Experiment to make new ones)


Vassilios Cagiaoglou Boucer

Great collection indeed!
Thanks for the file and the tips as well.

Oh, the link didn’t work? Sorry for that, albeit it seems you’ve gotten your theme. :wink:

Themes Collection Blend file Updated!
Themes Repository 4b Blend file!
2 more Themes added “Blue Theme” i found here in the forum somewhere and a new one “ED-site” Theme i made!
Notice:The ED -Theme is not Ideal for Modeling and working!(i made it only just for Fun in a view Minutes!)
needs Corrections in wire Colour-Transparent Face Select Alpha value and other Corrections…so make it better and Usefull!!!
Also some others Themes needs Corrections!!

Doubles Themes removed and Save Theme Python Script removed from List!
Notice:Timeline not Updated and also the new Node Editor in (2.42)!
needs Update python script!
Download from here: