Which to get?

I’m having a tough time deciding a holiday present for myself in regards to the “DVD Training: The ManCandy FAQ” and the “Introducing Character Animation” book both sold at the blender e-shop. I can only get one for the time being. If you had to choose, which one would you get and why? Or if you have one or both, which one would you recommend to get first?

The Mancandy FAQ is not really for beginners, although Bassam style and thoroughness make it so even a beginner can follow. So, if you are one get the book. If you consider yourself at least and intermediary character animator go for the DVD.

Just my opinion/guess.


Unless you’re experienced with character animation, I recommend the book.

I just saw your character/models and they’re really asking to be animated. The book also teaches how to model for character animation. I’ve not read it yet, but that much I know.

i have the inrto to character animation and its pretty nice but it gets confusing when you have to follow the black and whit pictures
I just orderer (Essential Blender, and Man Candy) so i will tell you which one of the three is best after i get it

but i would get them the man candy dvd