Which type of AI File Import

I downloaded the AI file.
I opened it up in Illustrator
I box selected the entire logo.
I copied that to the clipboard.
I created a new document
I pasted into the new document
I did a File Save As SVG.
I imported the SVG into Blender and increased the extrude.
There was actually no fixup required at all.

Thanks for posting the AI!

PS: I think Blender can hold its own with motion graphics. It’s all up to you! I am about to release a motion graphics piece I have done in Blender so you can decide for yourself. Look for it in the finished works section sometime this week.


Motionista font type and icon.blend (169 KB)

As to your question whether Blender is up to scratch in regards to motion graphics: two months ago I had to import an Illustrator logo file and convert it to an extruded 3d version for a client of mine (for a broadcasting thing). I saved it as an old Illustrator 8 .ai file, and first tried Cinema4d, Lightwave and Hexagon: all failed miserably (due to a couple of open splines). I tried Blender, and low and behold, it worked perfectly well. In this case Blender saved me a lot of time and hassle.

Couple of points to consider:

  • clean up the illustrator file (no guides, delete stray points and double overlaid splines)
  • I was still working in 2.48, and noticed I had to restart Blender to get the Illustrator import working after a failed first attempt at importing. So, if import worked the first time around: no problem. However, if I tried to import the ai file a second time, things would go horribly wrong. Restarting Blender before trying to import again solved this for me. I haven’t tested this in 2.49b.

I just have say, I love this forum and probably Blender too. Not because you both just saved me four thousand dollars so as not to buy Cinema 4D. But because Blender, this forum and all the support are pivotal milestones marking a new economy. Representing an evolved world-order based not on money but an emergence of progress for progress’ sake. I have this theory that all our actions are directed by the inexorable arrow of evolution. I define evolution as information building on information. That’s what’s really going on here.

Based on my definition most work is trivial & redundant, yielding a higher likelihood for a meaningless human experience for many, but not all. Those who are fulfilling the basic tenants of evolution are pursuing the leading edge of information and making new applications with novel perspectives while at the same time extending the possibility for others to pursue the same leading edge of information building on information. Factoring in figures on overpopulation, over-consumption and existing advancements the bar is now set very high for most people.

For example, If I was a geneticist working on the space station and dating Björk I would be fulfilling the criteria. If I’m pursuing the leading edge of information through research and education I can stick around. So perhaps since I have developed this explanation and am broadcasting it I have saved myself from being evolutionarily meaningless. Perhaps because you are participating in a community like this, you get it, and know what it feels like to being on the leading edge of information building on information.

I agree with Herbert123. There is a lot more fix up with AI files using 3DSMax. He also correct in that the script does not like failed attempts. I had forgotten about that. Other import scripts suffer the same bug, so beware. I think it is due to the way the original coders used global variables, but I am not sure.

Here is my attempt at motion graphics using Blender:

I use blender for motion graphics and composting all the time at my job. It can’t do everything, but it comes pretty close. I have access to stuff like Motion and After Effects, but I still use blender for about 80% of my work because it’s just a faster workflow in most cases. (At least once you get the hang of it and understand its limits) Plus it’s obviously easier to integrate with 3D work.

Thanks! Hopefully I’ll get some time to do more with this in the coming days. I’ve been side tracked on other jobs. I have a feeling I’ll be asking more questions. My work pre-Blender is here: www.motionista.com