Which UMPC forum/site is the best for research?

I’m currently trying to research on some modern equilivant of the Jornada 720.

However, I want to avoid the netbook. What I consider a handheld PC is a device with a semi-full keyboard and readable display (similiar to netbook and the linked Jornadain this respect). It have to use something as lightweight as a pocket OS (Would actually like to have a Window CS one rather than the window mobile) and are designed for such a light use. like having only 32 MB ram and 1 GB storage (with capacity to expand on it).

Basically what I’m looking for into UMPC is the cheapest but best device for typing so I could use it for notetaking (Possibly be going to Gallaudet in the next year) and for general communication aid (I’m deaf so having this on hand would help me to talk with a few hearing peoples).

However, most of the best one that isn’t overpriced are almost 10 years old from what I could find. Maybe I’m using some outdated terms in my search or something but I can’t find some modern equilivant of the Jornada.

Yeah I know I could pick those items up from eBay (and I almost did but decided to wait first to research) but I want to see what modern equilivant there is to ensure ease of use in term of transferring info and internet connectivity (only for basic functions like checking e-mails and instant messaging)

Hopefully somebody here knows exactly what I’m looking for.