Which version is better.

Which is better or do they both suck.


There’s also a Trogdor version if anyone is interested

The second is better but you need to show some sort of weight shift when the creature makes that turn.

Yeah you’re right about that weight shift. Any suggestions on how to kick up some sand without crippling my less then awesome computer.

Create a particle system to simulate dust being kicked up and render it as a transparent video. Then take said video and apply it to a video editor. You won’t be able to find any stock video anywhere on the web like that.

I suggest you find out your actual limit to the particle system first before you apply the tip above on a separate file first.

LOL. Weldone ledzep. Think I might have the same Rancor model from scifi3d.com?

An alternative to particles would a dust spray video from footagecrate.com.

Wow what a great website! I might try a mixture of the two methods. Thanks for the tip about footagecrate.

You are correct sir both models, the Rancor and the Sand crawler, are from scifi3d. On the sand crawler I

rigged all eight sets of tracks and drive wheels and you can’t even see 'em.

2nd one is better. Good stuff.