which version of blender does 4k video

i tried the search but just got
The following errors occurred with your search

  • The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search:

thanks all

AFAIK “Tears of Steel” was produced in 4K - and that’s from 2013.
So I’d think it’s safe to assume that all current versions of Blender can handle and output that kind of footage.

It’s a paid upgrade feature :wink:

The maximum single-image width and height that Blender can render out is 10K by 10K Pixels, so 4K is easily doable in that sense.

Take note though that rendertimes will become much longer compared to 1080P (you practically need a renderfarm, an AMD Threadripper 16 core or better, or a very high end GPU to do animation of a high quality).

thanks all
i suspect 4k videos have there own wrapper not avi etc