Which Video Card to buy (1GB vs 2GB)?

I am going to buy a new hardware, and have a dilemma which Video Card should I choose.

  1. GAINWARD GeForce GTX460 2GB - it is older, but cheaper card.
    2)* one of new GTX 560 cards, with 1GB memory. - more expensive card.
    High-res sculpting, texture baking (from high to low poly, sometimes at 2048px res). I use Internal for rendering. - is it better to get older card with 2GB memory, or you think the new ones with ‘only’ 1GB would be better?
    Or other words, how important for Blender is the amount of video card memory, and for what operations done in Blender?

Thank you for any help :slight_smile:

    • I have not selected yet any card from the new ones (560 family)

umm… if i would chose then i would go for second one. but its just a matter of personal choice. u better go to some graphic card vendor site and many of them have a compare feature which lets you compare 2 hardware.

I dont think getting a graphic card will boost your rendering cos blender internal is not GPU based render like ‘Lux small GPU’ render.
but it may have a little effect (i dont know) so i still think one GB would just be enough.

It is mainly system memory that changes speed in Blender (particularly with sculpting, I find)
Because Blender is not a GPU based program doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good idea to get a good card. I only use a 250GTS card, and It makes no difference to my render times (of course, because it isn’t GPU render). BUT, and this but is BIG. If yuo are running 2 screens for example (I am running 2, and I am getting a new card soon to run a third), Or intend on using the GE later on, then having a good card is necesary.

Also, the better the card, the higher graphics games you can play :wink: