which way to go?

I do mainly cartoon characters for animation, just recently I started to use cycles for my cartoons and scenes, and find it great for realistic images, but only when it comes to lighting, I get a little uncertain on it. When I have a lamp or car headlights, that is when I get bogged down using cycles to make my lamp, light bulb, car head lights (spot light).

My main question is and would like an answer from others that are more experience in doing animation than I, which is the best way to go, stay in Blender mode throughout my animation. Also I would like to know if it is better to do Blender rendering for what I want to do?

My secondary question is: Once I rendered in Cycles, is it easy to go back to regular Blender rendering without having to adjust my material and textures?

I hope I am in the right place to be asking these questions, if not, please direct me to the right forum…Thank YOu.

Oh, I have a Dell Studio 9100 computer with 24 gigs of RAM and a Graphic Card 560 NiVidia car and using CUDA.

I think it is a personal opinion. people are very happy with cycles.
If you go back to BI there will be some adjusting material and textures and lights.

Go this way.

Personally, I think that you should just make a shot-by-shot choice. Cycles is not a panacea. It is a different rendering approach … a second built-in rendering system (three if you count Game) … but your choice of which technology or technologies to use depends on what you’re doing at the time.

You can also use both in the same shot. Compositing is your best friend.

U can do lighting with Blender internal via render layers and other stuff with Cycles. In business world they make much post processing with image editors and dont base too much about render lighting. U have seen hundreds of renders that take many hours of rendering time and result is not good (plain render picture), worse than simple quick render and post prosessing with image editor (lights, contrast etc.). U can use also OpenGL Render active viewport if u are good with external image editor.
Usually people count too much rendered image, they try to refine, polish one single area (usually lighting) hours and hours and renders countles times to fix that… and simple,quick and good solution would be post processing.
Is that something familiar ? + :slight_smile:

How about a cycle animation?