Which Webhosting?

I want to create a website and offer my Blender still images for sale. I don’t want to learn HTML and want the site creation process to be as simple as possible. I don’t want ads on my site, so spending a little money will be OK.

Does anyone here have experience with FatCow or JustHost?

Which hosting service would you reccommend?


Hi dashtwo,

I have no experience with the above two, however i had a quick look at them so here’s a couple of things to note.

Avoid ‘free domain names’, Firstly, it’s not free it’s priced into the package, secondly hosts like to register the domain name under their name, which actually legalises it as theirs, and often will charge an inflated admin fee if you try to transfer the domain name, which all in all should cost nothing.

There’s no such thing as unlimited space or bandwith. This is called ‘overselling’. In the long run they have XYZ ammount of space /bandwidth and they will rely upon the fact that some people will not use much if any at all, and these will account for those that do - in their terms and conditions will be a clause along the lines of “AUP - acceptable use policy” that is to say, they will say, or not even state in 99% of cases that 1GB of space and 20GB of bandwidth is acceptable and you will have to upgrade if you use more, esentially contradicting the term unlimited.

1GB /20GB is just an example though, you have to use a bit of common sense based on how much you are spending.

While I am with this host and while i do dislike them because they oversell too, dreamhost is prob more reliable to terms of ‘unlimited’. I also put my boss’s website on surpasshosting (cause dreamhost would ban my account if i try paying for two on one card) and they are pretty good and their customer support is really good (surpass) but they have had their data center go down a couple of times from hurricanes.

Justhost buy servers from http://www.singlehop.com/ or colocate in singlehop datacenters.
Fatcow uses http://www.akamai.com/ for their internet connection, althought they may offer datacenter /colation services.

Generally speaking fatcow would appear to be less of a middle man. although they appear to be either http://maileig.com/ or partnered or even using their services :slight_smile:

I personally prefer going direct with people.

I use awardspace, but I’m probably going to switch to Squarespace:
They charge a bit more for their service, but they seem to be pretty reliable, stable and have some pretty large sites functioning quite well on them. They also have some really nice-looking building tools, which is great for me as I suck pretty hard at web coding for anything more than just simple CSS layouts and stuff.

I was thinking of hosting my own domain on 110mb.
has anybody here used 110mb hosting before?

Following is free
I use yolasite (formerly synthasite.). It’s a WYSIWYG online only hosting service. It’s pretty reliable. It’s designed to be easy to you, and as such has no real webhosting services. I mainly use it as a free file storage. Download speeds are acceptable considering how far away their servers probably are, and with a bit of work, you can get some non-yolasite looking web pages. You can’t host HTML files there, as “malicious code was being executed on some users”, but it doesn’t really sound like you need enormous control over the pages, just over the files.

I did have a 110mb account, but the features only available to paid suscribers annoyed me, as there was no clear distinction.