Which would be the correct name for the act of using Blender!?

Hello friends!
I’ve been thinking on which word better defines the act of using Blender:

  • Blending
  • Blendering
  • Blenderising

So (considering that the 2 last words aren’t even in the dictionary) instead of saying:
“I’ve been using Blender” would you consider a reasonable replacement “I’ve been Blending”?
…The thing with that is that seems like one is talking about the blending machine.

I would probably say Blending, the only people who would think you are referring to the Blender machine for fruit are people who probably use Maya or any other software and are too ignorant and think highly of themselves and refuse to admit the progress Blender is steadily making, or people who don’t study game design at all. I would probably only use the term with fellow people who use Blender, because if you say it to somebody who uses anything else, they will just look down on you.

Just respect yourself and ignore what everybody else thinks.


Hehe Awesome! :smile: Thanks for the feedback!
Times are changing! I’m seeing many Maya users joining Blender. Only when you apply to a job at Big video-games companies they look down at you… but, even so, some already acknowledge Blender (as valid experience in a 3D modelling software; not to use it) on their job opportunities :slight_smile:

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I’d say you’re partaking in the process of the blend, but that’s just me.

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I actually use “Blendering”, but you would have to be careful in a hostile environment, because that can be easily turned into “blundering” :slight_smile:

:laughing: Good point! Thanks!

Blending sounds a bit dull, I’d probably go with Blendering. :monkey_face: :+1:t4:

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Why though? Not everything in our life needs to be shortened. You’ve been using computers, would you say you were computing? :slight_smile: Or, using Windows, were you Windowing?..

And what would that even mean anyway? Some people model in Blender, some draw, some animate. I mean, “using Blender”, shorten it or no, is basically non-descriptive.

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It’s “computering”.

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Well, no specific reason :sweat_smile: I found my self thinking that a driver is Driving, so what the equivalent of a Blender artist would be :smile:

When I worked with Ton at Not a Number, I often heard people use the Dutch ‘Blenderen’, the closest translation would be ‘Blendering’ (with Blender users being referred to as ‘Blenderheads’).


How about Blenderneers? When they model in Blender, the Blenderneers are Blenderneering.

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Yeah! I’m still from the time of the Blenderheads :slight_smile: …Blendering… has a nice sound to it, better then Blending.

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There can be blender artists as well as Blender artists. Hurray for ambiguities! :wink:

I would use the term Borat.

Who cares what we call art - art is subjective, and so should be the name we give to creating it.

Blendermongering :stuck_out_tongue:


Blendizzle cy cizzle

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That’s even longer than Schwarzenegger! :laughing: