Which would you go with?

I start started in a new video production lab for a large company. I need to brush up on my 3d skills. We have Blender, 3ds max 7 and Maya 6.

Mostly I plan on doing shapes and items but I will also be doing about 30% character work. Is one application better then the others as far as modeling and sculpting goes?

I have been using Blender for a few days now I am still very lost. Mostly because the tutorials range of different versions and I cannot find certain buttons SubSurf and SubDiv is a great example.

Blender will have a fully featured sculpting tool and a re-topology tool starting in 2.43. Blender is also fairly good with character modeling as of now but will be even better with 2.43.

As far as I know 3DS Max 7 does not have retopo or sculpting and Maya 6 has paint effects but not retopo.

For the last part Subsurf is in the modifier panels.

thanks for the very fast reply. I just realized that 3ds is only for PC. While I have access to PCs I already have a render farm set up with 5 dual core G5s both with 2gig of ram. So I kinda want to do all my development on the Macs. :smiley:

That leaves Maya and Blender and maybe cinema4D. I love the idea of using Blender as the community seems very solid and development seems to be moving nicely.

I see all of the amazing objects and faces done in Blender yet the sculpting tools just became available. I also watched a 12min video on someone drawing a face at 2x speed.

What tools are used to model like that?

I’ve used Maya for several years now and it’s pretty good for animation. It is a very powerful program, but that can be agravating as well - when something isn’t working there are a LOT of different things to check to find out what went wrong.

I’ve been uising Blender for about a month now and I really like it. Once you get used to the interface, it is the fastest program I’ve used for modeling.
I haven’t used the character tools as much, but from what I can tell they seem really solid.

I would recomend Blender, but that could be just me.

Blender’s animation system got completely rewritten in 2.40 and steady improvements have been made in 2.42 and the upcoming 2.43.

You can thank the fact that some of the new animation features are there for the needs of the Plumiferos full length movie project.