while in edit mode getting to close to the model makes it hard to see/edit

having some probs modeling.
When I need to get close in and adjust my model it “vanishes” I thought it might be the camera clipping but wouldn’t that just be when filming. I can i get close in for detailed edits?

Thank you

Never mind. correct me if i am wrong .
Is it a user ortho vs user perspective?

It’s a Perspective view problem

If you’re inside the camera view, select the camera then go to the camera panel and lower the clip “Start” :

If you’re not inside the camera view, press N and lower the clip “Start” in the View panel :

Note that a very low clip “Start” can lead into some visual artifact when looking meshes or objects from some distance when in perspective, only lower it for when you’re looking from really -very- close.

Thank you will look into it.