Whilst Ton Sleeps

I could not resist after seeing this pic:

Thinking that there could be some fun with this.


Add something, Remove things, what is Ton dreaming of?
have fun.


Does Ton dream of electric sheep?

well, you could take the image into Gimp or PS & see if you can come up something funny?

Isn’t it a little dangerous to sleep on the edge like that, what if he falls out of the window and breaks a number of bones?

I’m not the kind of safety freak that supports banning dodgeball and tag but you have to draw the line somewhere:rolleyes:

You ever have those dreams where you are falling? I never sleep in a place where that can be a reality…well…except on an airplane.

Fail hijack…

obligatory message



He dreams you will all perish in the fires of hell.

lol, now that’s what I’m talking about.
Great Stuff ShnitzelKiller. :slight_smile:

Wow… I didn’t know that Ton ACTUALLY slept!

I just thought he went on “standby” for short periods of time… :stuck_out_tongue: